(Sponsored Post) UK police arrest Nigerian man Grandson over anti-Igbo, Fulani sentiments


A Yoruba activist living in the UK, Adeyinka Grandson, has been arrested for alleged anti-Igbo and Fulani sentiments


– Grandson was arrested on Tuesday, August 6 by Scotland Yard on grounds of planning terrorist acts


– The Nigerian denied the allegations but the police seized his passport and other personal effects while also banning him from posting on his social media accounts


A United Kingdom-based Nigerian man, Adeyinka Grandson, has landed in a jail at the famous Scotland Yard for promoting anti-Igbo and Fulani sentiments.


The Cable reports that Grandson was arrested on Tuesday, August 6 by the Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command. He was accused of allegedly “stirring racial discrimination” against the Igbo and Fulani ethnic groups and also “encouraging terrorism”.


Grandson, who was interviewed for nine hours, before being released, denied the allegations.


However, the UK police seized his passport, two Google phones, one Apple MacBook laptop computer, one tablet, a hard drive, and a draft copy of his new book.

He is also confined to staying at his home address only and is also banned from posting on social media.

Following his arrest, Grandson has also had to quit his job as he awaits further police action on the matter, Tinuola Asake, the director of communications for his group, the Young Yorubas for Freedom (YYF), said.


“Adeyinka Grandson has not been charged for any crime. He is required to report back to the police station on the second of September 2019. The Young Yorubas Forum has no idea what the police plan to do with the allegations of terrorism and public order acts,” Asake added.


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