Actress Sylvia Ukaatu says she regrets taking an oath with her ex-lover


Nollywood actress Sylvia Ukaatu has said that she regrets taking a blood oath with her former lover


– The actress explained that she took the oath when she was young and in love


– Ukaatu warned young people against going to such extent to prove their love to anyone


Nollywood actress, Sylvia Ukaatu, has said that she regrets taking a blood oath with her lover many years ago.


According to The Sun, Ukaatu said that she was 18-years old when she took that step and was unaware of the consequences of her actions as she was naïve and in love at the time.


Sadly, when their love turned sour, the actress said that she begged her lover to free her from the oath but he refused. The actress stated that the effect of the oath started manifesting to her ignorance.

She said: “I had so many failed relationships without knowing what was behind it. Suitors were coming, but on the day of introduction, they would cancel without explanation.”


Narrating further, Ukaatu said that she waited many years for the man she took the oath with as he had travelled out of the country. She explained that while waiting for him to be back, she tried so many relationships but they all failed.


The actress said that when the man eventually returned to Nigeria last year, she begged him to break the oath if he was no longer interested in marrying her, but he ignored her. However, a visit to the actress’s Instagram page revealed a post from her that said that the blood oath has now been broken. She shared a picture of the interview she had with The Sun and appreciated everyone who showed her love over it.


Her post read: “In respect to this I want to thank all for the messages, love. I am strong now and I want to let you all know that the oath has been broken. Thank you all for the love shown. Love you all.”


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